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Evolution of My Retail Career

My first job was at Montgomery Ward.  I was 15 and working in sales, helping customers, taking inventory and learning how to do schedules for the employees of our department.  My work ethic has always been strong.  I have my amazing parents and inner self to thank for that.  ;). After Wards, I worked in an oldies diner.  It was my first waitressing experience but I was still working with the public.  I am very much an extrovert and love talking to people.  It's one of my biggest strengths and I've learned how to embrace that over the years.  I then went on to work at Cemeno's Pizza where I waitressed and managed for 15 years.  I continued my career there while attending University and completed my undergrad as well as my Master's.  I worked there while meeting my husband and getting married, getting pregnant and having my twin boys.  ❤️  One of my boys has Autism so my focus switched to Special Education so I could learn how to help him in every way possible.  I became a certified Developmental Therapist, working with kids and their families and supporting their development.  Naturally, I ended up working with a lot of families who were just starting out on the autism journey.  I was a strength for them, a true example of autism parenting, proof that this life isn't an easy one but it's a doable one with many rewards and challenges.  Fast forward to 2015 when my other son was diagnosed with a heavy hitter immune deficiency.  I needed to leave my career as a DT and come home to be available to coordinate monthly infusions, Immunology appointments, homeschool my other son, etc.  All the things that I couldn't do working outside the home.  I still needed to work.  Not as much for financial reasons as more for myself.  I needed something to throw myself into that didn't require too much thought and that's when LuLaRoe entered my life.  I sold LuLa for almost 3 years and during that time, I met some of the most amazing people.  It also brought a lot of people back into my life who I had lost touch with  This Fall, I made the decision to go on my own.  That is when Posh West was born!  So at the age of 43, I am once again submerged in all of the responsibilities of a retail business, just like my first job at 15 years old.  Life has a funny way of throwing us curveball challenges.  I choose to embrace those challenges and figure out a way to make them work for me and my family.  My boys have benefited from my home businesses as well.  They love jumping on my live sales and saying hi to my girls in my group.  They share their journey through diagnoses and treatment with others to help families who need it.  They exemplify strength and those who are on this journey with us, know that.  Our family has been blessed by this retail journey I have found myself on, once again and I could not be more grateful.  You have put joy in my heart with your support and I will always be appreciative of your love & support.

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